September 30, 2016

Max at Night Bedtime Story Book Review


Max at Night Bedtime Story Book is witty, and heartwarming bedtime read that you will enjoy with you little ones. Adorable, bright and beautiful illustrations of the book and Max the huge-eyed kitten in the book are sure going to steal your hearts!.

We know that most kids dislike going to bed at night. As a parent, you could totally see that they will sleep any second. But the little ones are fighters. They just don’t give up.  If you are reading a bedtime story how many times you hear ” can you please read the book again?” only two pages, only one page?  Countless times!! Is it not?!

Max’s  adventure to find the moon is fun and exciting. The story is simple, sweet and engaging for any child before they go to bed.This will be a great bedtime read for kids ages 2-6 years. If you were working on your kids reading skills, this book will be a nice addition.

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