September 6, 2017

Nina The Neighborhood Ninja – Children’s Book Review

Little Girls should step out of the shadow of little princesses. Young girls should envision themselves as being smart, brave and physically strong. It’s our role as parents/grandparent/guardians to empower them with all the right tools. “Confidence” and “Belief” are two such important tools. Young girls have to believe that they are achievers and go getters. I sincerely believe that books are our best friends. With this motto in my life, I am raising two early readers. This gives me an opportunity to read a number of books together. We recently had a chance to review the book “Nina the neighborhood Ninja” By Sonia Panigrahy.

Illustrations by Hazel Quintanilla are adorable and attractive. The book has lots of animals and birds which young kids will totally adore. In the book “Nina, the Neighborhood Ninja”  Nina is a smart and strong little girl who uses her wits and her strengths to complete rescue missions. Fiona the Firefly is her loyal and trusty sidekick. Nina and Fiona spend a typical day rescuing animals in trouble: A cat left out in the rain, Turtles stuck in the sandbox and more. Nina climbs trees and gets dirty. But that does not stop Nina from completing her rescue missions.

“She climbed the tree

to safely the baby bird

to its happy mother.

The neighborhood is lucky

that Nina is smart and strong

and strong

and speedy.”

My son was the first one to read the book and he enjoyed reading it. He started reading to his sister and at one point he quipped saying that his sister twice the little girl Nina in the book. Proudly pointing out how strong his sister is! The book ends, posing questions like are smart, strong, and speedy? and reminds them that anyone can be a superhero.

We need such heartwarming and adorable books with a message. Kudos to Sonia Panigrahy for all the efforts to bring stories as such. This book is a wonderful gift to all the young girls.


Author Sonia Panigrahy, is a public health professional, world traveler, adventure seeker, and fitness enthusiast. Her motto is that life is too short to be bored! Learn more about her at





Disclosure: *“I received a copy of this book for review.” But all the opinions and views are 100% my own.

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