December 22, 2017

Culture Dabba Christmas Edition

Christmas is just around the corner! I have one of our favorites to share before we say “Ho..Ho.. Happy Christmas”!!. Our monthly read, Culture Dabba!. I am super impressed with the Culture Dabba team. They have curated each every edition they have published with utmost care. Be it the puzzles, the stories, the crafts and exciting facts.  Do you know Santa Claus has three names? No? You should read Culture Dabba then!!


Ok coming to the what we read in this edition! We just loved the Christmas Story that was told in the book. It’s about a family who leaves everything and returns to India from the US to take care of her grandmother. She feels very lonely initially but eventually comes to know that being there together with the family is the ultimate bliss for any family and is indeed true Christmas Spirit!

The book had tons of coloring and craft projects. We are in the process of completing the crafts!

Our absolute favorite is the Aunty  Bindi’s Riddles!

This time around we loved the scramble words and jumbled words!


Culture Dabba is now available on Amazon! Get some hot cocoa and wrap up yourself in a cozy blanket! Stay Safe. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


Disclosure: *“I received a copy of this book for review.” But all the opinions and views are 100% my own.

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