March 8, 2019

KiwiCo Kids Educational Subscription Box review -February Race Day

KiwiCo is a Kids Educational Subscription Box for Kids Ages 5-8.This is a monthly subscription box with all the materials included to create 2 excellent Craft projects. Crates are filled with materials and inspiration to encourage creativity and curiosity. Projects cover a number of developmental areas through art, science, and imaginative play.Subscription Boxes are also available for kids of different age groups. Koala Crate for ages 3-4Doodle Crate perfect for designers ages 9-16+Tinker Crate perfect for innovators ages 9-16+.Whichever box you subscribe to you can be sure that your kid will be totally engaged!

So here is our  KiwiCo Educational box review for February!! My Son was super excited about February’s Box(Guess why?!).It’s a Race Car Theme!



Below are the materials that we got to make two race cars and an Airbrush project(both projects were connected.Air brush art was used to paint the Cars once they were ready!)


My Son loves to read the explore! magazine that comes with the Subscription. He quickly grabs the explore! magazine and starts reading and doing the activities in the magazine.

As mentioned the box comes with detailed instructions and pretty easy to follow.My Son needed a little bit of help from me to make his race cars.I made one of the race cars.But I let my son take the lead and let me know what steps/instructions I should be following to build the race car.This way he would learn not to skip any step and would also learn to follow directions!

Overall Experience: Overall It was indeed a fun Project to make.Nearly took 25-30 mins of our time.My Son was totally engaged and focused for 20-30 mins.We enjoyed doing the project together!KiwiCo is one of the best and carefully designed Kids educational/craft/Activity box I have seen so far.We love it!.You will not regret the $20 per month that you spend on kids activities by KiwiCo.It’s really worth it!


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