August 24, 2019

Little Passports Educational Subscription box Review

With Little Passports,  you can send kids on geographic adventures without leaving your home. Little Passports  A Global Adventure, is a  subscription based service which introduces kids to new states, countries, and world cultures each month. There are 3 packages to choose from Early explorer ,USA Edition, and  World Edition .

Little Passports Early Explorers

Little Passports Early Explorers   subscription box introduces kids to different  Places, Cultures, and Traditions of the people around the world. This is a monthly subscription box geared towards kids ages 3-5 and starts off kids by sending a  Travel kit which includes a letter from kids imaginary friends Max, Mia and their dog Toby . Everything comes in a very adorable and fun orange suitcase. The kit also includes Wall-sized World Map,20-page activity booklet,Luggage Tag, Stickers and photo

Each month after they receive the starter kit kids will  receive adventure-filled travel packages with souvenirs, stickers, activities. Some of the packages we got were the  Landmarks of the  world, Coins of the world, Natural wonders of the world , etc.. I had subscribed my son for the Little Passports early explorer when he was 4 years old. Now he is seven and we moved on to explore the USA edition.

The  World Landmarks package came included Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Great Spinx and Great Wall of China



In the World Coins package, we received Activity book and a pouch with a big Coin(Toby on the coin).


The Natural wonders  package came with a Pyrite Stone,Natural wonders Activity,Sticker for the Northern Lights at Glacier Lagoon Iceland and FlashLight adventure.


The Pyrite stone is actually called as fool’s gold. My Son was super excited to see this. He was so fascinated by this stone. It went right into his treasure chest!


Little Passports USA Edition

Little Passports USA Edition  is geared towards kids ages 7-12 and starts off kids by sending a discovery kit which includes a letter from character travel guides Sam and Sofia. Each month after that Sam and Sofia travel 2-states and send kids an activity packed travel journals like postcards, stickers, pop-out models related to that state


The Little Passports USA Edition welcome box , also  called  the “Discovery Kit, contains, Sofia’s  letter,United States Field Guide-notebook to use each month, Scratch-off book with U.S. landmarks, U.S. map poster, Disposable camera.The Field Guide contains a few activities for the first month, like a photo scavenger hunt and a map activity.  It also comes with blank pages for the subsequent box deliveries about each state.

My Son was very much fascinated by the disposable camera.He was a proud owner of a camera and he loved it :). The Camera will  definitely spark joy in the kids. He went around the house taking pictures listed from the scavenger hunt. It was super fun for him. Examples listed in the list were a picture of a cool object, a picture of a fun object, your selfie etc. The field guide was fun as it had pages likes Profile Page, filed notes etc.

Little Passports World edition which is geared towards kids 5-10 starts off by sending an explorer kit that arrives in a suitcase that includes a letter from Sam and Sofia (kids character travel guides), a world map, a pretend passport, stickers, activities, a boarding pass with online activities and games. Each month after that the Kids receive a country-specific package, filled with souvenirs, letters, stickers,photos, activity sheets and more!

Little Passports World edition subscription box is next one on our list as we are currently exploring our Little Passports USA edition!

This is a fun and engaging way for kids to explore the world around them. Kids will enjoy opening their kits each month to see what new and exciting adventures Max, Mia, and Toby or  Sam and Sofia are going to take them on. There are a variety of options to choose from . Shipping is an extra cost. For more information on subscription options and other information, you can check the Little Passport website!

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